About our brand:

TACVASEN mainly deals in tactical, outdoor wear, and sporting clothes, assembled for high quality and comfortable wearing experience, pursuing clothes easy to clean and maintain a good shape.

Our mission: Provide consumers with the most assured quality products.

Our vision: To be a trusted leader in outdoor wear.

TACVASEN is an apparel brand developed in 2015 by outdoor tactical enthusiasts, a team of 200 people with an innovative concept for tactical in Xiamen, China, a multicultural island. And now we have developed a team from design to creation to sales integration.

With elaborately designed, exquisite workmanship, and high-quality fabrics, we provide more functional and fashionable choices for men and show masculinity full of confidence and vitality. We always adhere to the principle of "made with good materials", first adopting high-tech functional fabrics such as Cordura, Primaloft, Power Dry, Polartec, and Tiger for tactical equipment, meeting the demand of tactical enthusiasts in dealing with various environments.

We build it, you dream it - TACVASEN!